Inspire Change! Ignite Change! Initiate Change!
 "I desire men and women to live an abundant life by embracing their inner WYNNER (mind, body and spirit)!"

Maisha Wynn 'WIN'
Lifestyle Specialist 


"Have you ever met someone who is extremely passionate about their life’s purpose

that they are exploding with energized words and motivational thoughts? I am

describing Maisha Wynn. She is a fascinating, fabulous soul seeker actively

using her voice to create positive growth in her neighborhood, city, and


-Laura Bookman (Fitness & Wellness Coach)

"I really think what Maisha is doing is great; encouraging others to take time for self

to better self. When you look your best, you feel your best. Her lifestyle series 

shows individuals how to make the outside of their body reflect the beauty inside."

-Susan Carroll (Regional Education Manager at LaMer Cosmetics)

"Through your motivational words, I've finally convinced myself to begin a path of

healthy living. I've increased my physical activity on the treadmill and

changed my eating habits. As a result, I have lost over 45 pounds in the last 5 months.

Thank you so much Wynn WIN! Keep on inspiring the world!"

-Karen Williams (Retired Elementary School Principal)

"After attending your Live To Wynn Lifestyle Series, I walked away with a renewed

spirit! The following morning, I began putting the finishing touches on my own

project. Thank you so much for inspiring me, Maisha!" 

-Okera Hollis (Author: Be Your Priority, Not His Option)

"Maisha, I am blessed and honored I had the pleasure to be present at your quarterly

Live To Wynn Series. The event touched me deeply, especially the power of God's

word. The last 8 months of my life have been phenomenal because I've held on to his

word. However, to hear you speak about it with such conviction was confirmation I

am not alone. Because of my experience at your event, I have let go of a lot of

distractions. Thank you and continue to be fearless!"

-Dr.Tiffany Bellamy (Clinical Therapist)