"If you want to stand out in life, don't be different, be the wynn'er' you were destined to be," proclaims Lifestyle Specialist, Maisha Wynn. For Maisha, 'Wynn' (her last name) and 'Win' being a homonym of her last name is no accident because she is truly a winner. From knowing she would attend and graduate from Spelman College at the tender age of twelve years old to overcoming her own battle with obesity (from size 20 to a healthy size 4), Maisha utilizes her personal experiences to promote triumph in life.

After losing her beloved mother to stomach cancer and a multitude of other health issues, Maisha made a conscious decision to retire from her demanding position as National Advertising Director to start her own company, Live To Wynn. Maisha's boutique consulting firm provides practical and aspirational guidance for individuals who want to improve the quality of their lives. Currently, Live To Wynn produces workshops, events, and social media content to achieve its goals. As the principal, Maisha works with select clients one-on-one, gives speeches, appears in media (from television to print) and creates content.   

As a concerned young lady who believes in the African proverb,"It take an entire village to raise one child," Maisha serves on the board of The Primo Center for Women and Children and a member of Step Up Women's Network. Along with her involvement with various organizations, Maisha relishes in working with the youth around the nation by investing her time, talent and resources.

Wynning Services: 

Maisha Wynn's Story

  • Live To Wynn Lifestyle Series

  • Purification Program (Detox Program)

  • Public Speaking

  • Wynning Workshop

  • 1-on-1 with Wynn

Wynning Transformation: Before and After

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